Just released: Research and Innovation Roadmap 2050

On 17 April 2018, the final conference of the VERAM project marked the dissemination of a common Research and Innovation Roadmap 2050, jointly developed by the European raw material sectors. With close to 180 concrete activities, crosscutting minerals, metals and the biotic raw materials and value chains, it is the only European research and innovation roadmap for 2050 agreed between non-food, non-energy raw material sectors in Europe. The roadmap embraces future trends shaped by digitalisation, sustainability and evolution of consumer behaviour while aiming to boost the European technological leadership, competitiveness of the industry and innovation capacity of the sector.

Spanning over two years, VERAM was a unique coordination project bringing together five European Technology Platforms in the field of raw materials. As the key outcome, the roadmap encompasses the entire raw material value chain from primary raw material exploration, extraction, management and harvesting and their transformation through processing or refining, and the valorisation of waste into secondary raw materials to closed loops material flows and the development of new products and applications.


The roadmap consists of altogether four interlinked priorities and nine research and innovation areas, including a number of activities that address the key concerns of the raw materials community, as well as society and citizens at large.

The Roadmap is available here for download.