VERAM Experts’ Workshop

The VERAM project, funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, aims to provide an umbrella and coordination function for raw materials related to research and innovation activities across Europe. The results of this project will feed into the ongoing preparation of the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, FP9.

A key deliverable of the VERAM project is a common long term Vision and Roadmap for 2050 dealing with the most relevant biotic and a-biotic raw materials, including metals, industrial minerals, aggregates and wood.

During the second stakeholder workshop organised by VERAM, a draft Vision and Roadmap was presented. Over 60 participants were given the opportunity to discuss, add and revise the Vision and Roadmap, and initiate concrete research and innovation activities within small working groups.


These working groups followed the structure of the current draft Roadmap:

  1. Supply: Fostering a sustainable supply of raw materials to feed existing and new value chains,
  2. Processing: Resource efficient and smart processing, refining and converting processes,
  3. Closed loops: Maximising closed loop material recycling, and
  4. Markets & Applications: Providing raw materials for new applications and products

Participants received a draft 2-page summary Vision and Roadmap beforehand, which had been put together by VERAM project partners.

Henk Pool, Cefic Innovation Manager and moderator of the workshop, opened the event by welcoming participants and explaining the flow of the day as well as the timeline for input and completion of the Vision and Roadmap.

Milan Grohol, Policy Officer at DG GROW in the European Commission, presented the EU Raw Materials policy and the role of the VERAM project in the development of a common long term 2050 Vision and Roadmap.

Corina Hebestreit (Euromines) and Johan Elvnert (FTP) introduced the 2050 Vison for a-biotic and biotic raw materials respectively. Following these interventions, the participants split into two groups. The first group worked on the supply of raw materials, the second on the procession of raw materials, after which they made a summary of their discussion and suggestions.



The second working session addressed  closing the loops by recycling, and products and applications. Again participants discussed these topics in separate groups, providing a summary and sharing their feedback at the end.

Milan Grohol concluded the event with his observations, feedback and recommendations to the VERAM project partners.


What are the next steps after the event?

The VERAM Experts’ Workshop is the first milestone towards a Research and Innovation Roadmap 2050 for European Raw Materials. After processing the input and feedback collected during the workshop, a public consultation on the Roadmap will follow. This consultation will reach out to a broad network of stakeholders across the sectors and value chains, providing an extensive opportunity to help shape and prepare the final Roadmap.

How to sign up for a pool of VERAM experts?

Would you like to become more involved in shaping the Roadmap? Do you have expertise in one or several areas across the raw material value chain and feel your contribution would make a difference? If your answer is yes, please sign up to our pool of VERAM experts by filling in your contact details and areas of expertise here.

For more information, please contact VERAM at

Agenda of the workshop & presentations:

  1. Welcome, Introduction and VERAM project
    Henk Pool, Communication and Dissemination Workpackage Leader
  1. Raw Materials in the EU Policy and Research Landscape
    Milan Grohol, Policy Officer at DG Grow, EU Commission
  1. Towards 2050: Transforming the EU Raw Materials Sector
    3.1 A-Biotic Sources
    Corina Hebestreit, Vision Workpackage Leader            

3.2 Biotic Sources                     
Johan Elvert, Roadmap Workpackage Leader        

  1. Vision 2050 for European Raw Materials
    Corina Hebestreit, Vision Workpackage Leader        
  1. The 2050 EU EU Raw Materials Roadmap
    Johan Elvert, Roadmap Workpackage Leader